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the us central bank, “digital dollar being prepared”

in the united states, each federal bank, including the federal reserve, has been conducting its own cbdc research. “the fed has been working on cbdcs since before covid-19,” said cleveland fed president loretta mester when revealing his digital dollar research in september last year. “we are building and testing various distributed ledger platforms to find the benefits and trade-offs of cbdcs.”

the u.s. monetary and financial services (occ) is seeing a change in mood, such as opening the way for commercial banks to use blockchains and stable coins (dollar-linked virtual assets) in their payment systems, and gary gensler securities and exchange commission (sec) as a large number of virtual asset experts, including the chairman, have been put into key positions in the Biden government, the discussion on CBDC is also accelerating.

“Digital dollar being prepared”

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