a.i & blockchain

forkast decodes china’s ambition behind asia’a blockchain boom.

Forkast.news announces today a groundbreaking three-part series, asia powers up: how the region, led by china, is embracing blockchain and what that means for the world, that dives into china’s determination to lead the future of digital technology and its effects on geopolitics and the global financial system.

the multimedia production, supported by the judith neilson institute’s asian stories project, is simultaneously published by several partners, including newsweek and south morning china post for three consecutive days starting june 28.

many asian nations are moving quickly to embrace their own central bank-backed digital currency. and china has invested deeply in the world’s biggest blockchain ecosystem. the series describes how china is influencing the region, and its impact on the future of the internet. it shines a light on the erosion of privacy as a result of the use of digital money.

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