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usfcx_us foundry cryptocurrency exchange

why usfcx, whether you’re an advanced trader or a crypto-beginner, not all companies are coequal. it is the direction and the strategy behind the financial inclusion and the technological efficiency that separates us from the rest.

for this reason, we recognize the most critical part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and not to mention, the first mined bitcoin’s genesis block that changed the directions in financial freedom and inclusion; we are a step advanced.

we also recognize how security, availability, and accessibility are relevant subjects when making an exchange. therefore, usfcx, our team has deep expertise in crypto, traditional capital market, security, and technology which allows us to partner with institutional clients and deliver solutions that meet their unique requirements and objectives.


our mission is to build a crypto-economy more efficient and lay the groundwork for a better financial system. therefore, we are the first and only cbdc distribution exchange for digital asset financial trading platform system operation and welded with blockchain factory to serve and achieve your investment goals confidently and promptly.

usfcx is affiliated with omgworld foundation which we work with medical institutions and experts in the medical field such as:

– ippo daro foundation

american laser & aesthetics school. ippo daro med-spa

– yuma heal medical group

vitiligo lab. & clinic center, stem cell bank. tswb_texas standing & walking biotechnology.

to achieve financial freedom, usfcx will provide best-in-class trading technology and a team of experts for both institutional and individual investors.

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