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the benefits and risks of digital currency in blockchain technology

digital currencies are built on blockchain technology, which friedman believes has the potential to disrupt currency as well as other industries. “blockchain technology, which is at the heart of digital money, has the potential to disrupt financial services by lowering transaction costs and increasing transparency,” he said. “blockchain technology has far-reaching implications.”

one of the most significant advantages, according to bovaird, is that cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited and that transactions cannot be reversed arbitrarily by the sender (as credit card chargebacks can). additionally, cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous. credit cards work on a pull basis, which means that the store recognizes the transaction and “pulls” the sale amount from the card. the “push” method is used in cryptocurrency.

digital currency, despite its popularity and strong market performance, is not without risk. leading investors like ray dalio, the founder of investment firm bridgewater, have termed bitcoin a “bubble,” while jamie dimon, the ceo of jpmorgan, has opposed non-flat cryptocurrency, which is currency that is not backed by a government, according to friedman. friedman advises against investing in cryptocurrency before doing so.

allowing you to have complete control over your money, who you transfer it to, and what fees you don’t have to pay is the future of cryptocurrencies. in conclusion, because of all of the characteristics i just outlined, it is progressively becoming one of the most widely accepted means of online payment.

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