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a more accessible blockchain-based app dev in progress

outside of cryptocurrency, blockchain has a lot of potential. decentralized applications and distributed ledgers may soon be used by established industries such as finance, automotive, supply chain, and mobility. however, creating your own blockchain from the ground up is quite tough. lisk co-founder max kordek discusses how to make decentralization more approachable.

blockchain’s decentralized, tamper-proof nature has the ability to decentralize power and offer the collective hive more data control. data from different manufacturers may be linked, and data from different vehicles could be shared. with so much money pouring towards asteroid mining and mars expeditions, an interplanetary economy appears to be a foregone conclusion. established businesses are less likely to have a say in the change than new entrepreneurs.

when Bitcoin was first launched, the development ecosystem was “terrible,” according to kordek. he claims that developing on the open source and immutable cryptocurrency, which is exposed to security risks, is still extremely difficult. prototyping a system from scratch is difficult due to the high development and qa obstacles. he believes it is critical to simplify blockchain development so that more experimentation can take place.

blockchain is a platform that allows you to construct your own smart contracts, also known as smart tokens. kordek is a proponent of language-specific libraries that are tailored to the programming tastes of a team. he prefers javascript since it’s easier to learn and supports a wide range of web-based interfaces. these initiatives aren’t about smart contracts; they’re about streamlining your own blockchain development process.

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