apple co-founder steve wozniak says bitcoin is better than gold

steve wozniak, co-founder of apple, was present at the jalisco talend land digital in 2021. the businessman conveyed his views on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in this circumstance.

“it’s astonishing that we even know who invented bitcoin; it’s a one-of-a-kind mathematical formula that’s also unchangeable, so it’s virtually a technological marvel.”

wozniak spoke about technology and advancements as well as diversity and equal pay during his involvement in the innovation festival.

similarly, the businessman stated that it can now envision a better future more clearly than before, and that it is not a matter of engineering but of invention, which comes from minds that are constantly questioning what is going on in the world, and that these people who spend their time exploring are inventors.

the atari software designer discussed the technological future of latin america, saying that once the idea of a societal transformation enters people’s heads, it can take decades to implement, but that it is something that must happen in the end.

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