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cryptocurrency hack costs blockchain provider $600 million

a hacker may have just pulled off the biggest cryptocurrency heist in history. poly networks reported it had come under attack, which allowed a hacker to loot cryptocurrency assets belonging to “tens of thousands” of users. the hacker transferred the stolen funds to three wallets that originally contained over $600 million.

poly networks implements interoperability between various blockchains, including the binance chain. the company says a hacker exploited a vulnerability between contract calls. in response, poly networks called on cryptocurrency exchanges and miners not to accept transactions from the hacker-controlled wallets. it also published a letter addressed to the mysterious culprit. cryptocurrency providers have blocked transfers from the hacker-controlled wallets. security researchers noticed the hacker appears to be leaving messages in one of the wallets. “not so interested in money, now considering returning some tokens or just leaving them here,” message says.

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