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how a blockchain expert combats cryptocurrency crimes

The cyberattack follows numerous big hacks that occurred throughout the year. hackers stole over $600 million in cryptocurrency from decentralized finance network poly network earlier this month. the corporation paid the hackers a ransom of 75 bitcoins, which at the time was around $4.4 million. in 2020, cryptocurrency ransoms totaled $406.3 million, up 337 percent from the previous year.

according to chainalysis, ransom payments are expected to top seven figures this year as well. as per the ftc, from october 2020 to march 2021, investors lost an average of $80 million to cryptocurrency schemes. kimberly grauer of chainalysis discusses the particular problems of preventing crime on the blockchain. governments, cryptocurrency firms, and financial institutions all benefit from the company’s assistance in combating illegal activities. cryptocash is a firm that works to make blockchains more transparent. it distinguishes between lawful and illegitimate wallets, such as darknet marketplaces, sanctioned addresses, and terrorist-funding wallets.

according to a recent survey, cryptocurrency scammers are on the rise. the number of data breaches is on track to surpass last year’s total. scamming and terrorist financing are two very different activities that affect people in very different ways. a drug smuggling ring operating in australia was bringing drugs into the country from the united kingdom. decentralized finance (defi) is a major business right now, almost outpacing the amount flowing to bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. it’s a massive cash cow.

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