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dapper labs enable google cloud to host the flow of blockchain

Google has teamed with dapper labs to host flow’s networks on google cloud, as part of a strategic partnership. it was designed with a non-fungible token (nft) collectibles and crypto games in mind when it was developed. in addition to assisting with the scalability of flow, the collaboration is a continuation of google’s hosting of several blockchains.

besides showcasing its nba top shot project, it will also be home to the digital fashion portal neuno and the leading digital marketplace opensea. the company is the third-largest cloud hosting provider in the world, behind only amazon and microsoft. google has teamed up with flow to give public blockchain hosting services to the general public. flow’s new services will make it easier for developers to connect to nodes more efficiently and seamlessly. on the hedera hashgraph’s first public ledger, the governing council includes google, which is a member. when it came to running an eos node on the public blockchain in 2020, it was a serious competitor. the goal is to make flow as easily accessible and scalable as possible for as many people as possible. In addition, deutsche telekom operates nodes on the flow and celo public blockchains, which are primarily focused on mobile payments.

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