a.i & blockchain

blockchain technology is being used to secure cbse board exam results

It has been decided to implement the ‘academic (blockchain) documents’ by the central board of secondary education (cbse). towards the establishment of a center of excellence for blockchain technology, the cbse collaborated with the national informatics centre (a division of the ministry of electronics and information technology) to create a partnership.

blockchain technology stores data on a distributed ledger that is owned by all of the parties who are involved in the transaction. consequently, there is no longer any need to depend on a third party to validate the information. in the chain of nodes, the data is recorded based on an agreement among the stakeholders and then duplicated at all of the locations across the distributed network of nodes.

in this database, the data for the past three years, beginning in 2019, has been recorded, and the data for the other years will be uploaded progressively to the database later this year.

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