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white hat hacker was offered a $500,000 reward from poly network

Following a breach that resulted in the loss of $610 million by cryptocurrency exchange poly network earlier this week, the company announced a $500,000 “bug reward” to whoever was responsible. with an emphasis on enabling users to move or exchange tokens across various blockchains, poly network is a decentralized finance (defi) platform that enables peer-to-peer transactions intending to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions.

he had “helped us improve poly network’s security,” the company said. a “white hat” hacker tries to disclose cyber vulnerabilities. “mr. white hat” was also to get a $500,000 reward as part of the digital money repatriation talks.

it said that the hacker had replied to the offer, but did not specify whether or not the offer had been accepted. however, it has been reported that the hacker has returned $340 million in money and has transferred the bulk of what is left to a digital wallet owned by them and poly network, according to a statement issued on friday.

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