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real estate team up with blockchain was launched in india

Although the indian government’s stance on digital currency adoption is uncertain, blockchain technology has been utilized in a variety of sectors other than finance. although the covid-19 outbreak did not affect the operations of the local financial firm realx, they were temporarily stopped in 2020 as a result of it. they’re operating a platform for fractional property ownership, and it’s accessible to the general public to participate. tripvillas will also be in charge of managing the pool of vacation houses designed for joint investment on the realx platform, which will fall under their purview. investors in india may purchase and sell “direct deeded co-ownership” via the realx blockchain-based platform, which is built on the ethereum blockchain and runs on the ethereum network.

in spite of the fact that the pandemic was terrible, realx ceo manish kumar thinks that it offered an opportunity to reconsider the company’s business strategy.

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