the sec has approved the volt equity etf, which provides exposure to btc-related businesses

The volt crypto sector revolution and technology etf have been authorized by the united states securities and exchange commission, providing investors with an easy way to invest in businesses that have significant exposure to the bitcoin industry (btc).

organizations that hold the majority of their net assets in bitcoin (btc) or get the bulk of their revenue from mining, lending, or trading bitcoin (btc) are referred to as “bitcoin industry revolution companies.” the exchange-traded fund would make investments in cryptocurrencies. about 80% of the fund’s assets will be in this kind of company, according to the prospectus. It is expected that the vanguard group’s new exchange-traded fund (etf) would be listed on the new york stock exchange’s arca market.

a new bitcoin exchange-traded fund, volt equity fund, does not hold bitcoin in custody or maintain track of its price, as has been proposed in previous suggestions for such a fund. businesses that earn a significant portion of their income from bitcoin-related activities are being considered as an alternative to the traditional financial sector. there is currently no exchange-traded fund that invests only in bitcoin, and thus the volt product is investors’ only option (etf).

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