the nature of price on hayek’s viewpoint

Hayek’s viewpoint on the nature of price is widely regarded as one of the most profound ever articulated in the field of economics. hayek writes in a brief and easily digestible article titled “the use of knowledge in society” that without prices, there would be no commerce — and therefore no advanced civilization. ‘the use of knowledge in society’ is one of hayek’s most well-known pieces of writing. In the world of finance, prices are statistics that represent the condition of the economy.

millions of bits of potentially valuable data are generated every day in the contemporary economy about consumer preferences, investor risk appetite, resource scarcity, manufacturing circumstances for particular products, and a variety of other topics. we must share this information on a regular basis in order to coordinate our efforts. as stated by the famous economist leonard read, no one mind has the ability to create anything.

according to hayek, prices reflect “awareness of the particular conditions of time and place in which they are set.” the principal “use of information in society” is not via books, media, or schools; rather, the pricing system serves as the foundation for mankind’s primary knowledge exchange network. it’s also a really successful strategy. here’s an illustration: turkey is the world’s leading producer of hazelnuts, accounting for about 80% of global production. consider the possibility of a civil war in turkey, or the occurrence of a hazelnut blight, or the impact of a meteor. is there a way to notify the rest of the globe of what has occurred and that walnut or peanut products should be consumed whenever possible? this isn’t coming from a television. the plot of the tale starts with the price of hazelnuts steadily rising. only the most critical information is conveyed via the pricing structure.

when it comes to information transmission, a pricing system is the most straightforward and cost-effective approach available. due to the fact that economic cooperation is not influenced by language, culture, or worldview, it allows us to cooperate worldwide even if we do not speak the same language, share the same culture, or share the same philosophy. when it comes to our collective endeavor to survive and flourish, prices serve as objective indicators of progress. hundreds of millions of data points may be critical to the success of a manufacturing process, a consumer choice, or a business opportunity. we’d be fumbling about in the dark if pricing didn’t reflect a thorough understanding of local conditions. society without a pricing system has done precisely that: it has created a market economy. the inca empire through the soviet union are examples of societies that do not charge a working wage.

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