neopets are being transformed into nfts

Are you one of the neopets fans that grew up with the characters? i’m certain i am one of them. i enjoy the fact that i can personalize my pet in this virtual environment. and the creators intend to convert it into a non-fungible token, which has received an unfavorable response from the community.

neopets was enormously popular when it first launched, with more than 30 million active users at its peak in 2005. in a partnership with raydium, the site’s existing proprietors will create a total of 20,500 neopets nfts with customizable backgrounds, assets, attire, and personalities for distribution. as a result, many have labeled the change as nothing more than a cynical cash grab, an environmentally damaging decision, and a launch that does absolutely nothing to improve the site’s basic operation. according to a q&a posted on jellyneo, the neopets team has replied to some of the criticism leveled at them. 

jumpstart states that it is “on the lookout for fresh chances to propel our brands and products ahead into the future.” it’s a depressingly honest response, but it will not endear the initiative to neopians in the long run.

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