adobe photoshop to release a plugin option for nft

Adobe will release a photoshop plugin in the coming months that will allow users to prepare photographs for use as non-fungible tokens, according to the company. adobe will use an open-source solution to protect the confidentiality of the image by cryptographically signing it with the creator’s identity, which will be implemented in the future. in the photoshop desktop software, the new nft option is currently available as a public beta, and it can be downloaded right now. this new content accreditation will be displayed on the platform, according to OpenSea, who spoke with the block about the subject in an interview. potential buyers must first upload the photo to a specialized platform supplied by the content authenticity initiative in order for their credentials to be validated by the company. among the first companies to engage in cai were adobe, twitter, and the new york times, to name a few.

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