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blockchain consensus is being overclocked by the core multichain

There are three challenges in blockchain technology: scaling, interoperability, and throughput. core multichain addresses these three issues via a hybrid proof-of-stake blockchain architecture. this blockchain network is breaking new ground by incorporating proof of history, zk-snarks, and an artificial intelligence consensus at the heart of its blockchain network, which is the first of its kind. It does this by incorporating proof-of-history and zero-knowledge succinct noninteractive arguments of knowledge, as well as other techniques, to overcome the existing limits of blockchain technology and create a more robust system (zk-snarks). as a result of the reduction in transaction validation time in the network, core is able to achieve a significant gain in performance. the core ecosystem is able to overcome the limitations of blockchain throughput and scalability in real-time through the use of zk-snarks, a blockchain information validation practice that is implemented on the blockchain. with a low level of complexity, it is possible to process even complex jobs, and there is no requirement for frequent back and forth communication between nodes. if you are a prover node, you are required to provide evidence of your knowledge.

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