is bitcoin the future of currency?

Despite the fact that many individuals feel that Bitcoin is the currency of the future, others say that it is a risky (very speculative) investment that should be avoided at all costs. despite the fact that central banks tend to acknowledge the advantages of digital currencies, they are wary of the threat posed by bitcoin.

therefore, when it comes to allowing crypto assets to be used as a payment method or investment vehicle, there is a great deal of caution. it is debatable whether or not the current monetary system is nearing the end of its effective life cycle at this point in time. the absence of large money creation by central banks results at the end of a nation’s economic growth and the emergence of major economies in a condition of depression or stagnation. it has been seen that debt difficulties are resolved by the issuance of new (and more) debt and that unprecedented amounts of money are created, which not only results in a huge increase in the cost of living but also results in a significant misallocation of money in the economy.

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