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how may the blockchain’s environmental impact be reduced?

This issue of carbon black is focused on finding strategies to lower the carbon footprint of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. though the technology that underpins blockchain is energy-intensive, it is getting more environmentally friendly with each passing day.

using nft art, you may create a digital work of art that is protected by a tamperproof, blockchain-encrypted certificate. the owner is provided with a non-fungible token (nft) in order to verify that he or she is the lawful owner of the artwork in question. this is a revolution since it is the first time that original artwork can be accompanied by a legal title of ownership. during our interview with john karp, co-author of “nft revolution,” we discuss ways to make nfts and the blockchain more ecologically friendly. china’s hypersonic weapons test, which might be used in space systems, was endorsed by the united states’ top military official, gen. john fallen.

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