a.i & blockchain

blockchain is designed to reduce product waste and emissions

Mattereum claims that its mission is to assist in the creation of a circular economy by assisting markets in understanding how items are manufactured and what the long-term implications of their manufacturing and transportation procedures were. it is anticipated that digital technology and the marketplace will assist consumers in linking products to their source and specifics of the goods in order for them to be appropriately valued. ava labs is responsible for the development of the mattereum technology. a blockchain is a data source that links numerous pieces of information together in a chronological manner across time. the usage of technology is becoming more frequent as businesses strive to acquire reliable information that will assist them in improving their environmental policies.

the ceo of mattereum, vinay gupta, believes that “every year, tens of billions of tons of new stuff are produced, much of it useless, resulting in tremendous waste and massive carbon emissions.” “a circular economy marketplace that allows for the efficient re-use of current things has the potential to significantly reduce humanity’s total carbon footprint,” says the world resources institute.

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