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possibilities for blockchain in the post-covid era

Block tides, a philippine blockchain business, sponsored the country’s first NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace. companies like gala games, placewar, lbank, ace e-wallet, and gokumarket helped make the event a success. In this discussion, corporate innovators discussed how they may help shape the future of blockchain technology.

block tides has presented over 30 road presentations on blockchain and cryptocurrencies in southeast asia. people in afflicted communities and economies can go to the award-winning firm for guidance on how to deal with the pandemic. blockchain technology is being marketed as a way to broaden acceptance of the pandemic as an opportunity for innovation.

ramos’ block tides live series has raised over $200,000 and disbursed over $60,000 in donations. after the covid-19 outbreak, she discussed the continued lockdowns and other emergency measures. ramos’ expertise has already helped a number of companies restructure their operations from scratch.

“we have created a team of extremely competent marketers and public relations specialists who can help any blockchain startup become worldwide in a matter of weeks.” ramos assured her colleagues.

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