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cryptocurrency market value went up

A new record was achieved on monday for the second-largest cryptocurrency by market value, ether, with a new high of more than $4,700. a 12,000 percent increase in the value of sol, solana’s cryptocurrency, has occurred in the last 12 months. in new york city last week, more than 5,000 people gathered to support nonfungible tokens at the nft.nyc conference. according to coindesk, guests exchanged a total of 700,000 nfts at the event. the cryptocurrency “squid game,” which was inspired by netflix’s blockbuster tv show “squid game,” suffered a huge plunge this weekend.

customers were unable to sell the token on pancakeswap after coinmarketcap received “a number of reports,” the cryptocurrency exchange said in a statement. as of this writing, the token’s white paper and website are no longer accessible online. quentin tarantino, the director of “pulp fiction,” will release seven uncensored segments from the film. for his first three paychecks, if elected as new york city mayor, eric adams has announced that he will accept bitcoin. late friday night, the house of representatives passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill costing $1.2 trillion, which now heads to the desk of president joe biden for review.

new york city, according to adams, is “positioned to become the bitcoin sector’s epicenter.” adam said he would like to engage in a “friendly rivalry” with miami mayor francis suarez because suarez is a big advocate of bitcoin.

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