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women are carving out a place in the blockchain realm as crypto queens

In a recent survey, almost two-thirds of bitcoin investors in the united states are male and caucasian. maliha abidi is an artist who identifies as a feminist. she established her first nft as a digital asset based on blockchain technology. people who previously were unable to invest in or sell their work can now do so for the first time. the ability to recognize one’s own identity is essential for women and girls to feel a sense of belonging in a diverse community.

according to brokerchooser, there are over 100 million cryptocurrency owners in india. in the third quarter of 2021, sales of (nfts reached about $11 billion. in india, female users constituted only 15% of all users. financial assets, such as stocks and bonds, have a smaller gender disparity than other types of investments.

women use the internet at a lower rate than men all around the world, with only 46 percent of women using the internet globally. according to data from the world economic forum, women are underrepresented in financial decision-making and asset management. nfts have been purchased by high-net-worth people, with the most costly transaction costing more than $69 million dollars.

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