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how blockchain technology is rejuvenating the gaming industry and transforming microtransactions

With the use of blockchain technology, it is possible to create a realistic metaverse vision for the future. the advent of blockchain technology has resulted in the emergence of new business models that have the potential to upend the status quo. as the number of people who play for money continues to rise, new services are making it easier for anyone to enter into the game. there is a great deal of disagreement among the gaming community around the subject of microtransactions. their capacity to bring in new content at a reasonable cost is something they can take advantage of. a “pay-to-win” mentality and/or a generalized sense of entitlement may develop from the usage of these substances. when you decide to stop playing a game, you forfeit whatever money you have invested.

play-to-earn an nft-based online game known as axie infinity has surged to the top of the list of all decentralized applications since its inception on the ethereum blockchain. players may also earn real-world wealth by utilizing virtual currency in the blockchains of the games they are playing. it’s like a pokemon-style game in which people battle against their “axies” in order to win real-world prizes and incentives. to get started, users will need a minimum of three of these digital creatures on their computers. for a percentage of their earnings, new players can borrow assets such as axies from guilds that specialize in axies. it has the potential to be utilized to build a fully functional economy that is mostly based in the virtual world.. nfts and other decentralized assets, as long as they are tied to a blockchain, may be readily transferred between different blockchains and platforms.

the polygon network, a second-layer solution for the ethereum blockchain, allows for extremely cheap transactions to be processed in seconds rather than minutes, resulting in significant time savings. the number of games and non-transactional decentralized applications on any other chain outside of ethernet, including decentraland, opensea, and the sandbox, is less than half of what polygon has.

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