the bank of england and the singaporean regulator are stepping up their examinations into digital currencies

The bank of england and the department for the treasury will hold a consultation next year on the prospect of introducing a central bank digital currency in the united kingdom, according to the financial times. following this consultation, a “research and exploration” phase will be undertaken, with the information obtained being utilized to guide policy development over the next few years, according to those who took part in it. a cbdc will most likely be implemented in the united kingdom by the second half of this decade, if not earlier. the survey will serve as a springboard for a broader discussion on what role a digital currency issued by the uk central bank might play in the future of the country. we need to understand the hazards that could arise as a result of this, so I’d like everyone to contribute to the conversation.

money authority of singapore will embark on project orchid, which will build on the rich findings of the global cbdc challenge, which was announced earlier this year by mas and will run for three years. mas will issue a digital Singapore dollar that will be safe, widely acknowledged, and bear the authority of the government, just as it does with paper notes and coins. they have received more than 300 proposals from more than 50 countries in response to the issue statements that they posed. they are currently reviewing them.

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