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beyond cryptocurrency trading, indonesia is embracing blockchain projects

As of july 2021, 7.4 million indonesians had purchased or sold cryptocurrency. startups are increasingly turning to a variety of blockchain-based platforms to meet their specific requirements. charity, agribusiness, gaming, and tech-enabled healthcare are just a few of the industries where initiatives are being explored. bekind is a new company that uses the blockchain to organize charitable organizations. k1nd, a coin developed on the binance smart chain, was launched by the firm. As with interest-bearing savings accounts, donors can earn bekind hub tokens by placing them at risk.

in indonesia, bekind is the country’s first blockchain-based contribution platform. as a result of their tokens being staked, donors, charities, and non-profit organizations are paid interest. tokyo crypto hopes to launch and list BeKind tokens officially in december. currently, it is selling its tokens for usd 0.17 per token through private sale channels.

food and agriculture data sharing service hara uses the blockchain to store and share farm data. the company’s creators believe that accurate crop data can benefit agricultural businesses. as a result of remote sensing, Hara was launched in 2015 to apply “precise farming.” farmer loyalty points can be traded for discounts on agricultural products or cell phone credit by hara, which incentivizes farmers to contribute information. through a utility token called hart, the network can also make a profit by selling the acquired data to private firms, government organizations, and financial institutions. hara is developing an nft platform that will be introduced in the first quarter of 2015, however, sirait did not give any information about the project. there are further use cases for the blockchain technology the company is developing to assist local governments in addressing agriculture-related issues.

u.s. interest in nft technologies and ntf marketplaces is only matched by indonesian interest. as of september, tokomall, tokocrypto’s nft marketplace, was live. one month after its introduction, the portal has 1,403 sellers and 1,391 artworks. digital art cards, comics, and games are all available on paras, a non-fee marketplace for digital valuables. a total of $5 million in seed money has just been raised by paras from a variety of investors. with the money, they plan on creating more crypto-based intellectual property in the gaming and comics industries.

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