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blockchain can be the future of music and gaming industry

Things like a video game that pays you to play or a series of free nfts that are currently making movies and videogames of their own accord are still appearing. doubters regard the rest of the players in the space as a collection of grifters and try-hards who regularly change their twitter profile images to pixelated punks and apes in an attempt to eventually convert those nfts into a greater fool. In spite of the torrent of bitcoin mentions and letters from readers amazing and beneficial, new things are still emerging.

due to the constitution dao’s structure, a group of thousands of people was unable to purchase the dao. this year, royal is seeking to change the usual relationship between record companies and musicians. at least one nft is predicted to be owned by everyone during the next ten years by ehrsam blau, a crypto maximalist. it’s feasible that music licensing will be a driving force in our success. according to blau, notable artists are being approached by him to begin selling their work on royal.

there is a lot of talk about the potential for more consumer-oriented applications of bitcoin, with initiatives like blau leading the way. this is also relevant to me as a self-published author who has also opted to forsake a “major,” such as working on the editorial staff of a well-known journal, in favor of selling my work directly to people. ehrsam is a co-founder of the crypto vc firm paradigm and serves on the royal board of directors.

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