a.i & blockchain

two of the most well-known blockchain firms are joining forces

Yellow.com and openware have completed their integration. for the time being, the newly formed company will be called the “yellow group”. around the world, there are more than 120 people operating under the umbrella brand of the company, with offices and office spaces in countries such as dubai, the uae; the united kingdom; france; thailand; and the united states of america.

bitcoin’s technology is being used to construct a distributed liquidity network for exchanges and financial institutions that will be capable of handling billions of transactions in the near future.

a modular framework for building digital asset trading platforms known as openware is the primary provider of this open-source software. there are many services offered by yellow that organizations may make use of. these include financial and mentoring assistance as well as consultancy services.

internet of finance data-sharing network yellow.org’s underlying corporation, the yellow group, has big ambitions for the internet of finance at a web 3.0 scale. a trading platform can be built with the opendax v4 software.