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there are a number of reasons why the luxury travel industry is so keen on blockchain

According to research by the bitcoin foundation, the number of crypto billionaires worldwide is likely to exceed 100,000 by 2021. by volume, millennials make for more than half of the global luxury market and 58 percent of the cryptocurrency investor community. luxury tourism firms are increasingly embracing and implementing blockchain technology to build loyalty programs and tokenize tangible assets via non-fungible tokens. international luxury tourism is expected to expand at a double-digit rate.

lynkey has announced an initiative to tokenize and deliver near-future technologies for travel and tourism (valued at $8 billion). it leverages smart contracts to digitally transform luxury resorts and properties in a variety of locations. businesses can profit from crypto-based payments by capitalizing on the underlying assets’ appreciation. this enables them to link a worldwide audience to a blockchain-powered platform and ecosystem-enabling tokens.

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