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road tolls are more secure thanks to blockchain

Technology firm Indra has added a new feature to its road-toll payment system, which is capable of recording transactions on a distributed ledger (dlt). improved transparency and traceability of toll transactions will result from the critical-chains project, which created this capability. on a mexican highway, the pilot solution is being tried.

toll-fee fraud and hacking have an impact on both road owners and users. emails alleging that receivers haven’t paid for utilizing a toll road are the most common form of scam. but road owners face a wider range of scams, including the use of counterfeit gasoline and credit cards to pay tolls, hacked toll systems, and the inability of concessionaires to record all toll payments. this problem can be solved by the critical-chains partner.

the monterrey-saltillo motorway in mexico will be used as a testbed for indra’s autonomous driving technology. the implementation of blockchain does not change how road users interact with the system; rather, it raises the possibility of data discrepancies.

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