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gibraltar is on its way to becoming the world’s first bitcoin centre

An integrated market in gibraltar may be on its way shortly, allowing the trading of traditional bonds alongside major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and dogecoin. if the complicated regulations of the crypto hub fail, the territory’s financial sector might suffer reputational harm and international consequences. the gibraltar stock exchange may be purchased by valereum in the new year. the regulator in gibraltar has given the go-ahead for the licensing of 14 cryptocurrency and blockchain companies within its current framework. if everything goes according to plan, the enclave might become a major bitcoin node throughout the world. about a third of gibraltar’s $2.4 billion gdp comes from the banking industry. as the territory tries to shed its reputation as a tax haven, this is the latest development. more than the aggregate value of all companies listed on the london stock exchange, the cryptocurrency sector is worth an estimated $3.5tn (£2.6tn).

when it comes to weeding out unscrupulous actors, poulden says his company relies more on technology than on people. gibraltar might face sanctions from countries like the united states, according to experts. according to isola, valereum’s plan to acquire the gibraltar stock exchange is “a little outside that strain of thinking”. watchdogs like the financial action task force have grey-listed states like malta because of lax aml controls.

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