a.i & blockchain

the new identity and security standard, blockchain, and nfts

There has been a recent boom in blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (nfts). nfts provides an additional layer of protection and identification in today’s environment of data breaches and identity theft.

in order to ensure the integrity of transactions, blockchain technology uses encryption to create an immutable record that cannot be manipulated. unique cryptographic tokens represent nfts and add an additional level of protection. an excellent tool for protecting confidential information, this could alter the way we use the internet.

digital assets that are neutrally safeguarded add an extra degree of protection for companies and individuals concerned about protecting their digital assets. if nfts employ authentication to communicate with identity providers, this ensures that users’ identities are not stolen. they are difficult to replicate and link to other digital assets, and the use of encryption also strengthens their security. digital assets are better protected with nfts because of their use of “smart encryption and validation.” to verify the ownership of nfts and digital assets, kwiktrust is an e-validation platform that uses self-certified and third-party validation files to store in blockchain networks.

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