eight countries, including china, banned to own or use cryptocurrency of any kind

There are dozens of governments and jurisdictions throughout the world that have either banned or severely regulated digital money in recent years, including china.

egypt, iraq, qatar, oman, morocco, algeria, tunisia, bangladesh, and china are among the countries that have banned the use of cryptocurrency. algeria, bahrain, bangladesh, and bolivia are among the 42 countries whose governments have either restricted or outlawed the use of digital currency exchanges or restricted banks’ ability to deal with crypto.

the number of countries and authorities that have overtly or tacitly banned cryptocurrencies has more than doubled since the group first issued research on the subject in 2018.

according to governments that have banned cryptocurrency, criminals are using it to transfer money to criminals, and the expansion of crypto might undermine their financial systems. many governments, including the united states, are considering regulations for cryptocurrencies despite the fact that not all governments have taken efforts to restrict them. sec chief Gary Gensler has referred to crypto as “the Wild West” and declared that he wants to see more regulation of digital currency. an expert in bitcoin was brought on board by gensler on monday.

china’s ban on cryptocurrency was phased out throughout the course of last year. financial institutions in the country are no longer allowed to conduct any crypto transactions as of may 1. outlawing domestic mining of cryptocurrencies in june, it then blacklisted all cryptocurrencies. prior to the government’s anti-crypto activities there, the world’s second-largest economy had been a leader in digital currency mining. specifically, the chinese government raised concern about the environmental impact of crypto mining and persons who use digital currency for criminal and money laundering purposes, as well.

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