nine countries launched their digital currencies

Central banks in nine countries have launched their digital currencies. cbdc, the central bank digital currency, is worth exactly what it’s worth in real money. this is in contrast to the decentralization and open-source nature of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether, which are highly susceptible to manipulation. the bahamas’ sand dollar was the first of its kind when it went live in october 2020. there will be a digital euro introduced by the european central bank in the next two years. nigeria’s e-naira can now only be used by nigerians with bank accounts, but a fintech company is trying to allow the money to be used without accounts.

digital currency dcash has been embraced by all island governments that manage the eastern caribbean central bank, which are antigua and barbuda, grenada, saint kitts and nevis, saint lucia, dominica, and montserrat. china’s central bank is handing out millions of tokens to boost adoption.

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