a.i & blockchain

is india’s technological transformation being driven by blockchain?

The blockchain is a metric that was built to keep transactions safe and secure. it’s a platform that’s shared by all the computers in the network. the technology has spurred a slew of new ideas for business applications. the telecom business has greatly profited from blockchain by tracking, recognizing, and minimizing network roaming scams. publishing and managing contracts and consignments are made easier by this software.

the overall cost of clearing a house is reduced because a third party is not involved. the oil industry’s flaws have been patched up thanks to technological innovation. it also reduces legal costs by creating and implementing contractual leases. it eases the burden on patients in the healthcare industry by speeding up the processing of their medical claims. medical supplies and records are also monitored and protected.

indian bull markets, such as the u.k., and the u.s., are in second place when it comes to adopting this new technology. the general lack of understanding about it is being challenged by a lack of awareness in other businesses. as a result, indian markets have a great opportunity to leapfrog the technology centers in terms of adoption rates.

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