central banks doubt private cryptocurrencies and want their digital currencies

More and more people are thinking about making an investment in cryptocurrencies, which has sparked a discussion regarding the possibility of a central bank digital currency (cbdc). it’s becoming increasingly common for governments to consider issuing their digital coins that are backed by their country’s central bank or reserve. what’s the point of doing so? cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ethereum, have proliferated in recent years. one of the primary reasons a central bank (such as the reserve bank of india) would consider creating its cryptocurrency is the lack of clarity regarding privately held currencies.

at a time when a debate over private crypto money was raging, the rbi made it clear that it opposed it and was considering developing its own. it is the reserve bank of india’s goal to provide a secure, trustworthy, and convenient alternative to cash thru the use of blockchain technology.

last year, the reserve bank of india (rbi) announced that it was in favor of starting with a simple cbdc model and then upgrading to a more advanced system based on the country’s payment system architecture. according to the paper, monetary policy and the financial system will be unaffected if a simple model is utilized.

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