india catches up with the global craze of digital currency

From april 1 of the next fiscal year, india will launch its own digital currency known as cbdc, just a digital version of the widely used real money. the reserve bank will issue a ‘digital rupee,’ which will be interchangeable with physical cash. rules for this central bank digital currency (cbdc) are still being drafted.

however, cbdc varies from the private virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies that have surged in popularity over the past decade. no one’s obligations or liabilities are represented by private virtual currencies since no one is issuing them. reserve bank of india has been vociferous in its opposition to private cryptocurrencies, stating that they could threaten national security and financial stability.

“cbdc is a sort of digital currency that is identical to paper currency issued by a central bank (or polymer). an electronic form of sovereign money would appear on a central bank’s balance sheet as a liability (currency in circulation). a cbdc’s underlying technology, form, and use can be tailored to meet the needs of the customer. the value of cbdcs should be equivalent to that of cash “as recently stated by rbi deputy governor t rabi sankar.

the cbdc, according to finance minister nirmala sitharaman in her budget speech, will give a huge boost to the digital economy. because a more efficient and cost-effective currency management system can be achieved through the use of digital money, it is recommended that the reserve bank of india issue a digital rupee beginning in 2022-23.”

even while blockchains have become “near-universal,” only a few countries have even begun testing their own cbdcs, according to sankar. a survey found that central banks are trying to popularize an electronic form of payment as paper money usage drops (like sweden). more efficient issuance is also sought by governments that make extensive use of real currency (like denmark, germany, japan, or even the u.s.).

according to sankar, central banks should produce digital currencies to satisfy public demand and avoid any negative effects generated by the use of private virtual currencies.

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