the united states justice department has seized bitcoin worth $3.6 billion that was taken in a theft that occurred in 2016

At least two persons have been detained in connection with the seizure of about $3.6 billion in digital currency, according to authorities. a total of two people were taken into custody in manhattan early tuesday morning: heather morgan, 31, and ilya lichtenstein, 34. according to justice department officials, this was the greatest money seizure operation in the department’s history. according to the justice department, bitcoin was valued at $3.6 billion at the time of the seizure, which took place last week, according to the department. authorities claim that their investigation was facilitated by the fact that the public has access to the immutable ledger used to record bitcoin transaction records. bitfinex, a hong kong-based exchange, was hacked in 2016, resulting in a significant drop in the value of bitcoin.

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