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game companies that has interest in metaverse

There is a lot of interest in the concept of the metaverse right now. as a concept, a metaverse does not have a single definition; nonetheless, the basic idea is that it would provide an everlasting virtual world that would tear down barriers between online services and be connected by a single currency.

nintendo president shuntaro furukawa was asked about the company’s plans for the metaverse and nfts during a recent q&a session, but he only addressed the first question. for him, the key to the metaverse’s future lies in developing an approach that is “nintendo-like” in its expression.

nintendo will not join the metaverse bandwagon until they figure out how to harness the metaverse concept to deliver nintendo’s “fresh surprises and fun.”

however, bandai namco, the japanese video game publisher, has announced the start of a new project. players of dark souls, dragon ball z, or elden ring may witness a collision in the metaverse. as part of its new mid-term strategy, which runs from april 2022 to march 2025, the corporation is launching an effort entitled “ip metaverse.” $130 million is the estimated price tag for this project.

so bandai namco is planning to offer a wide range of ip-based entertainment options to its clients, as well as tools that use bandai namco’s unique qualities to seamlessly merge physical products and venues with digital elements, for instance.

it’s not just dark souls and the impending elden ring that bandai namco has to compete with when it comes to the metaverse idea. the company has a wide variety of licensed manga and anime titles as well.

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