a.i & blockchain

understanding the technology underlying cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology could prove transformative for industries, including financial services. a primer on technology, sponsored by the organization for economic cooperation and development, was recently published. it highlights the array of opportunities and challenges that blockchain’s popularity could have on the financial industry, among many other fields. a blockchain is a shared ledger of transactions between parties in a network. it can diminish the role of intermediaries in the transfer of data. the organization for economic cooperation and development (oecd) sees far-reaching potential for blockchain in the global economy. blockchains can vary in the way they operate. one of the prime strengths of a blockchain is its immutability. once a transaction is made to the ledger, it can not be undone. the first u.s. bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund became available in october 2021. forty percent of fund selectors report that clients are increasingly demanding cryptocurrency solutions. 70% say their firms need additional digital assets and cryptocurrency education before investing in them.

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